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Ver(1.0.3 Release Date:05/12/2019
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Features of the VCB Design software
  1. Hydraulic design of the Vented cross bar.
  2. Analysis of loads.
  3. Analysis and Design of Raft foundation for Vented Cross Bar.
  4. Check for bearing pressure on soil
  5. Detailed drawing including Plan, Elevation and Section of Vented Cross Bar(AutoCAD 2016 or later)
  6. Hydraulic design report.
  7. Raft design report.
  8. Rough cost estimate.

Vented Cross Bar (VCB)

VCBs are generally designed in discharge areas where direct irrigation is not feasible from the streams. VCBs are constructed across the streams with re-inforced cement concrete on an average height of 2.5 m above bed level, a minimum of 2 vents and provision of wooden shutters to discharge the flood water and silt load carried during the monsoon seasons. Earthern canals are constructed for distribution of the raised up water behind the VCB flowing by gravity to the fields.  Protection works upstream of the VCB and along the canals are also provided to protect earthen canals the since earthen canals are often found to get damaged, resulting in deposition of large quantities of sand and silt in the paddy fields. The cost of these structures varies depending on the width of the streams, bed profile and length of protection works and canals.

  The structure have generally two abutments, piers, Apron  and shutters. But if it have a provision for road a road slab will also be constructed. If the structure having bridge provision, a raft foundation will provided since the structure is almost placed in weaker soils.
              The structure should be properly designed before construction. For designing the structure the soil information have to be collected by soil investigation.
               After getting the soil details. The first step is sizing vents(openings) and pier width in such a way that the obstruction of flow in the stream while shutter opened, should not exceed 25%. The vent size should not be larger, generally less than 2.5m.
              The next step is design of pier size ie, is it's length and height. Height is generally upto bank height or road level.
              The length of pier should be provided for withstanding the horizontal water pressure acting on it.
              Next is apron design. Apron is provided below the pier for preventing piping. The length of apron depends on the soil type and height of storage.
             Then Raft design for foundation, after finding all the weight of pier abutments, road slab etc. and live load. The raft should be analyzed for  getting maximum bending moment, shear force and pressure exerted on soil and designed accordingly.

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  1. Instead of wooden bars, can we use other types any with automatic. 4 meter length vcb how much will be the estimate.

  2. Yes, shutter design not included