Interactive Design of RCC Column

Interactive RCC Column Design using analysis results from STAAD asper IS 456

Interactive RCC column design using IS 456 Using Analysis Result from STAAD , without referring SP-16 charts.

Download operating Manual here
Column Design

Click here to  Down Load column Design

System Requirements

* Operating system-Windows
* Working copy of STAAD.Pro in the same system for interacting with STAAD File(.std)

*Autorebar-  Enables  to arrange the reinforcement for the column most effectivelly and economically.
*Quick design- Designing and getting report of column using input value and on single click
*Interaction Curves-Both interaction curve can be viewed in a single window while mannual arrangement of bars. Helps to understand the stability of column
*Concrete Mix upto M40
*Grade of Steel-Fe415 and Fe 500
*Shear and Special confinement design-Shear design can be carried using mannual input
*STAAD-Enables to get the analysis result of a specific column for a.ll load cases. It will  be useful for verifying the column for all load cases using manual arrangement of steel or auto arrangement.
*Design Standards-IS 456 and IS 13920
 The demo version can be downloaded from the below link.
Click here to  Down Load column Design


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