Sunday 4 September 2016

SoftCivil Solutions

SoftCivil Solutions

  1. Interactive Design of RCC column
  2. STAAD to Excel
  3. Deflection of Beam
  4. Isolated footing base Pressure Calculation (Fpress)
  5. Plotting Levels Cross sections(PlotCS)
  6. Design of Vented Cross Bar(Irrigation Structure)

Design of RCC column using Analysis results from STAADPro as well as the for design forces entered Manually. 


  • STAAD integration
  • Design Charts
  • Economic Arrangement of reinforcement
  • Shear design for seismic design     


Getting Analysis Results From STAAD to Excel

Useful for extracting analysis Results from STAAD to Excel for further processing of results.



Plotting Levels easily to Autocad. And earthwork calculation to Excel. Simple to use. Only want to enter the data of cross sections such as Chainage, Reduced level and offests to excel sheet, remaining things can be done in minutes using PlotCS.

  • Earth work quantity Calculation and Level  Plotting very simple Using PlotCs
  • User friendly
  • Raw data can be edited easily with basic knowledge  in MS Excel.
  • Output - Level Area calculation and Level Quantity calculation can be modified as desired.
  • Output- Plots such as cross sections and Longitudinal sections Can be modified as required.